Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Shaping the Way We Teach English" Webinar 15.3: Integrating Pronunciation Across the Curriculum

For those of you who were not able to join us at the viewing session for Webinar 15.3 "Integrating Pronunciation Across the Curriculum" by Char Heitman, I am including the links to the presentation and some additional materials here.

If you find the webinar (and materials) helpful and useful, consider joining the "Shaping the Way We Teach English" Ning. You can register by clicking here.

Integrating Pronunciation Across the Curriculum by Char Heitman

Additional Resources
"The Color Vowel Chart" by American English
"Teaching Pronunciation Using the Prosody Pyramid"by Judy B. Gilbert
"Phonetics: The Sounds of American English" by the University of Iowa

"Prosodic Elements to Improve Pronunciation in English Language Learners" by Rachel Adams-Goertel
"Integrating Form and Meaning in L2 Pronunciation Instruction" by Talia Isaacs
"Teaching English Intonation to ESL/EFL Students" by Mehmet Celik

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